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Surviving Tihar: The Good, the Bad and the Nazi By Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri

An essay based on my experience inside Tihar. For the first time since my father's death last year, I was happy that he was no more, for, at his age, he wouldn't have been able to take this pain. And yet as I sit down to write this, there’s no one I miss more because my life was always about talks with him. And the only person who would have truly appreciated and actually understood and enjoyed this essay was him. I dedicate this to him.    A couple of months back a completely illegal arrest wrt to a service tax issue, made a magistrate send me to Judicial Custody in Tihar. At first, I was of course very angry, but by the time the formalities got completed, the anger changed into a quest for knowledge about a system that my father, Dr Malay Chaudhuri and I had written extensively about in our 2003 book 'The Great Indian Dream' (in the chapter 'Indian Jails: Innocents inside Criminals outside'). After all how many people with an interest in jail reforms get a cha
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No child should need to risk their lives to get educated. In the name of EDUCATION, Can we stop TORTURING little kids, please? Here's some bitter truth about the education we give and why our kids NEED NOT RISK their lives for that. It's been beyond painful to see my 9-year-old nephew (he turned 9 on 21st June and I told him this article will be his birthday gift) sit in front of the laptop for hours during the Lockdown. Why this torture? So that schools can get the fees on time?  Schools and colleges do require funds to run, I realize. So, reduce costs and request parents to pay part fees this year or the government to step in and support. But why make little children go through this pathetic torture?? In any case, our education system and schooling have failed us miserably. Instead of doing fakery like they did with me for 13 years of my school life, it's really time to change our education system. And if you can't; Then at least during these extremely tough times aro


Have patience and read this if you want to remain SAFE & RATIONAL as CoVID19 becomes unmanageable in India. By Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri >>The first type of Idiot: The Be positive brigade. Everything is under control. Look at India's per million cases and recovery rates. Our governments are doing such a lovely job.  If you want to remain safe. Then the last thing you need to be right now is be positive and believe any of these blatant lies. The situation is extremely dangerous. And there's totally nothing positive or under control. And to stay safe you must remain very cautious, careful and scared. This no time for stupid bravery.  Why do I say so?  > We should have never locked down our economy and ruined it. We hardly had cases. (Read my suggestions in all my social media handles on March 22nd - I had been saying it since the very beginning). > We should have kept the economy running and got the army out and focused on setting up dignified emergency health care fa

Why Are We Testing People for COVID-19?

Why are we testing people for COVID-19? Here's why it's a meaningless exercise. By Dr Arindam Chaudhuri Former Advisor to the Consultative Committee to the Planning Commission of India  in the areas of Social Sector & Education India is in a hilarious state. We get an update every evening, today we have 20k cases, and we did 30k tests and added 1350 new cases, and we are doubling every 10 days instead of 7 days till last week. What we don't tell people is, when we were doing 2k tests also we were getting 4.5% new cases. And now at 30k tests a day also we are finding 4.5% new cases. Then why are we lying that we are doubling every 10 days? It's in our hands to decide to announce how many days we are doubling in. If we do 60k tests, we will get 2700 new cases and that would amount to doubling every 5 days. If we do 6 lac tests then in one day we will add 27k new cases and double every 18 hours! Yes, that's the fact. Today New York Gov

10 Things You Must Know About Viruses and COVID19

YES, THIS CAN HELP YOU FIGHT COVID19 AND UNDERSTAND VIRUSES BETTER! 10 things I have learnt about viruses from my interactions with doctors and from the world's leading universities over many years. 1. The mortality rate from viruses reduce with time. In case of CoVID19 though it's too early to say, yet there is already good news coming in. A research that came out yesterday believes that the real mortality rate from this virus might just be 0.66% instead of the 2.6% feared previously. Good news because looking at the high rates of death in Italy, Spain etc many people have been really frightened and thinking maybe the death rates are 10% plus... Some friends are telling me it's 50% given the number of discharged and closed cases in Italy and no deaths are almost equal. But serious researchers aren'