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Oxygen level of my best friend’s COVID positive mother is down to 67 right now as I write this post.. there are no oxygen cylinders available anywhere, no hospital beds. My father in law is suspected to be down with CRP as high as 85 but no Hospital will admit him without COVID report and when we get it three days later I am sure they won’t because there are no beds. My sister and brother in law are down. My CEO, friend philosopher and guide is down with COVID along with his wife. My close school friend who was starting her work on my fathers biography is down. After staying in Delhi for 4 decades, my close friend had to be taken from Delhi all the way to Dehradoon because that was nearest where a hospital bed was available. Every day I am losing someone known to me directly. There’s a riot like situation in crematoriums. That’s where the country has been taken to singularly by our absolutely self obsessed divisive and insensitive PM Modi, single-handedly. Soon he will come on TV and c
Shame... >>25 die in Ganga Ram Hospital in last 24 hours due to lack of oxygen<< Because oxygen has been strangulated out of this country by the divisive politicians and their crony capitalists. You ask for freedom of food they will suck out your oxygen. You ask for freedom of clothes they will suck out your oxygen. You ask for freedom of speech they will suck out your oxygen. You ask for freedom for political views and thoughts they will suck out your oxygen. They have literally cut the oxygen supply from Indian lives. And today, finally you ask for nothing and still they have no oxygen to give you. What a shame that this government is incapable of supplying oxygen even to hospitals. India should never forget these murders.
The fact of the matter is India has never had worse Leadership post independence.. economy is doomed, employment is doomed, poor are doomed, medical infrastructure is doomed, education infrastructure is doomed... and though in bad shape, it was all getting better just till a few years back.. what is appalling is the kind of self centered current divisive Leadership focused only on uneducated religiously motivated vote bank. There are people dying and when an ex PM writes a letter to the current PM instead of a dignified response thanking him and maybe additionally pointing out what the government is doing the PM makes his health minister write a shameful vengeance filled retort. SHAME. WE HAVE ALREADY LOST OUR FORMER PRESIDENT TO COVID; I hope we don’t - but if we lose the FORMER PM as well to COVID, this letter to him will forever remain as one of the most inhuman pieces ever written on behalf of any country’s PM to his predecessor. And NO. I haven’t been paid by anyone for posting th