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What really matters on this day - perhaps more than ever felt before is - that thanks to this extremely educated man of high intellect, we have a democracy that , irrespective of all fears, is almost impossible to convert into a dictatorship. We have a country where despite efforts to polarize, the secular foundation thrives and will prevail. We have an economy which thanks to the initial focus on National Economic Planning (despite the often faulty implementation), has a solid foundation. We have institutions that work, Universities that create intellectuals, a Judiciary that still functions and Media that still has some people with spine. We took it all for granted. But today we realise what an unbreakable democracy this man created - a democracy, which keeps all our hopes alive each time we see injustice around us. What a man to be called the first PM of India - with pride! Happy Diwali!! #nehru #JawaharlalNehru #happydiwali2020 #HappyDiwali 2.5K 2.5K 207 comments 113 shares Like
>>>THE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA MUST GIVE BAIL TO ARNAB TODAY AND PUT AN END TO THIS ONGOING STATE OF SCHADENFREUDE<<< When high court gave an absolutely erroneous adverse verdict some years back against us, and the national media celebrated; Arnab Goswami gave me a call. He said "Arindam there is a German word called SCHADENFREUDE, meaning pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune. Don't worry about these people, your father made a great Institution and it will be back soon. Let me know if I can help." Unfortunately, Arnab is presently not reachable, else I would have called him up and reminded him of Schadenfreude, exactly what media and social media seems to be full of at this point of time. Enjoying Arnab's misfortune. Ideologically anyone may differ with him. He might have been wrong in Sushant Singh Rajput case to demand the arrest of Rhea. But that necessarily doesn't mean he can be put behind bars in a case of abetment of suicide. The