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Supreme Court of India now officially extends support to the nationalist brigade of undemocratic and intolerant dimwit fascists.

Supreme Court of India now officially extends support to the nationalist brigade of undemocratic and intolerant dimwit fascists. What a draconian order! A gigantic shame in the world's largest democracy! National Anthem to be played compulsorily in all cinema halls all over India. Way back in 1969 the Supreme Court of the USA had ruled that burning of the national flag was legal. And today after 47 years, the Supreme Court of India declares this. Absolutely shocked at the intelligence of people at the highest levels in this country. Indians now have to go through the pea brained act of proving their patriotism whenever they go to watch an item song! Hail Supreme Court! NB. I have some more suggestions for the Honorable court to ponder upon. Why just movies, they must think of making it mandatory before everything entertaining... because the logic it seems is we must stand up and show our respect to the nation before we are eligible to get entertained and feel happy. So I suggest ev

11/9 For You! Absolutely Historical! Both For India And The World! And I Am Indeed Happy!

I had decided to delay this month’s editorial for   The Sunday Indian   till 11/9 (writing 9th of November the American way) because i wanted to write the edit on the next American President. But as the jokes go, Modi decided to upstage the American excitement, at least in India! But before coming to Modi, let me finish writing on why Trump as POTUS makes me reasonably happy! I followed the elections in the US with maximum enthusiasm till Bernie lost. Have written earlier too that I wanted Bernie to get the Democratic nomination like no one else ever, including Obama! And had it been Bernie, today most likely, Democrats would have been the guys celebrating! Post Hillary getting the nomination, all excitement died. Yes, I would have loved to see a woman finally breaking the Presidential glass ceiling! But did that mean supporting Hillary? When Susan Sarandon was asked why wouldn’t she support Hillary when the man she supported – Bernie – wanted support for Hillary, she said, “I d

5 reasons why Modi's demonetisation is worth celebrating!

By Arindam Chaudhuri on behalf of IIPM Think Tank and Planman Media's news magazine, 'The Sunday Indian'. After almost three long years I feel rejuvenated! My readers know in 2014, I totally and blindly supported Modi's campaign (  ) despite many of my friends not ready to forgive him for Gujarat riots. Somewhere I believed here is a leader who can change India. After he won the elections of course I was totally silenced. I tried to write with hope, but did not see the results I expected ( ). And then I wrote out of frustration ( ). And then came 11/9 a historical day in our lives and I found my excitement back ( ) Today after 3 days of the announcement my excitement has only

As Putin Brings On Cold War – Phase 2, India Must Not Make The Mistake Of Excessive Heroism Vis A Vis Pakistan

I will first talk a bit about Russia before coming to India-Pakistan. Exactly about a year back, Russia started its war on the ISIS in Syria! That was what the world needed desperately. Almost like the Cold War era, Russia took America head on without caring… smashing the USA-backed extremists in Syria, while additionally destroying ISIS; bombing them in a manner last seen maybe 70 years back. From stateof- the-art bombers and missiles to absolutely brilliant sea-to-land missile attacks from a distance of 1500 km to deploying the ‘Blazing Sun’ – heavy flamethrower 24 barrel missile launchers capable of flattening eight city blocks, not just by sheer heat but also by sucking up the oxygen in that area and creating a near vacuum – Russia spared no effort. Expectably, after years of near silence and efforts to demean Russian existence, the Western media has woken up to its power. And the West and its media have unleashed a huge campaign to make Russia look evil as a way to downplay t