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How American greedy capitalism created AL Qaeda, ISIS and potential terrorists in ordinary American homes.

By Arindam Chaudhuri, Terrorism in Paris shocked you but today's news of a man killing three in Colorado Springs planned parenthood clinic didn't shock you much? Have some patience and read this article till the end and you will believe in my article heading forever and realize why what happened today at Colorado Springs is as shocking an act of terrorism. And more importantly how from Paris to Colorado Springs it's the American Capitalism which has blood in its hands. You often hear of college shootouts in America and it seems to you 2/3 such happen each year, right? You often hear of some more mass shootings and think that about 12/15 happen every year, right? Wrong. Make a really wild guess. What did you do? You changed your figures from 2/3 to 6/7 and from 12/15 to 20/25 at the most. Well hear me out. In 2015 campus shootings in America have been 45 plus and the total of all mass shootings have been a whopping 320 plus!! And Christmas is still a month away!! How many yo


The results of a major research on 15000 people came out the day before Diwali...done by the most trusted and respected Mayo Clinic. It had an interesting conclusion. It concluded that belly fat is twice as much riskier than the in any case 'high risk obesity'! So basically people who have belly fat are twice more at risk of death compared to those who are obese over all. That means if someone is over all fat (that is his BMI is high) but his WHR (waist to hip ratio) is fine, he is -despite being in high risk category- better off than someone whose whr is high but who otherwise doesn't look obese or is even thin! This is huge. It straight away establishes that obesity is dangerous but having a spare tyre around your waist more dangerous. The obvious reason being suggested is that having a big belly increases the amount of fat inside the abdomen (visceral fat). This may then cause inflammation to the vital organs stored inside the abdomen, which possibly makes people vulnera

To Israel, with Love - Dr. Malay Chaudhuri

With the rise of ISIS , it's again the Jews who are the highest risk group in the world. Pleasure to share an article by the founder Director of IIPM, Dr. Malay Chaudhuri, wherein he shows how India can support the community - by offering them a safe abode - as India’s Civilizational Role in the midst of global war mongering! To Israel, with Love -Dr. Malay Chaudhuri My best friend in High School days in Rajshahi, where I spent my childhood, was Haider Kabir. In Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla, my closest friend was Hossainoor Rehman and the man whom I used to admire most was Motin Zuberi. He was from UP, and later went on to become a professor of Jawaharlal Nehru University. In my days in Berlin School of Economics (Hochschule fuer Oeknomie, Berlin – Karlshorst) all the other members of my small seminar group (nine in all including me) were from Arabian lands – five of them were from Syria and one was from Lebanon and two were from Jordan. It also so happened that I o

Paris Attacks and Religion

Pained, angered and saddened at the insanely inhuman attacks in Paris..... once more in the name of religion... The sad truth as I keep saying, is, as long as we have people believing in God - something for which there has been completely no evidence whatsoever in the 14 billion years of the existence of universe - and create religions around their completely baseless imaginary medieval ideas of gods, there will be killings in the name of religion. Humanity and I repeat humanity, should be our only religion (though I detest the word religion). And humanity needs no place of worship, no leader, no God, no religious text. It just needs love in your heart for your fellow human beings and a completely passionate belief that every human being is "born equal" irrespective of his color, economic status, nationality, religion and in the particular case of India, his caste. It's only when you want others to believe in something for which you have no evidence, that you need to kill