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Democratic India's incredibly shameful treatment of Taslima nasreen will someone do immediate justice?

I write this not as my editorial, but as a protest to see if there are any listeners… because my blood boils in anger over the way another human being in the world’s largest democracy is being robbed of her freedom of speech. And the way everyone from the mainstream media to intelligentsia has maintained the conspiracy of silence! Taslima Nasreen, the author of famous books like Lajja and Dwikhandito (the book whose controversial passages landed her into trouble with various Muslim fundamentalist forces of West Bengal), has been under virtual house arrest in New Delhi, ever since West Bengal government decided to throw her out of Kolkata, her home for the last three years. Much like Salman Rushdie, she had dared to write about Prophet Mohammad’s wives in a questioning tone (which of course under mental trauma she asked her publishers to remove from her book about two months back). Unlike Hinduism, which has evolved as a religion, thanks to tens of reformers (can you imagine the days of

Even after sixty years, an Indian remains alien in his own country!!

At times I wonder why there is so much of contempt when fellow Indians are bashed up in Malaysia, when Indian immigrant labourers are ill-treated in West Asia, or often when they are at the receiving end of various forms of racial abuse in Europe, or for that matter when the Indian cricket team finds itself at the receiving end from the Aussies! It amazes me to no end because India is the same country where the treatment meted out by one Indian from one region to a fellow Indian from some other region is no different. In fact, at times the manner in which the natives of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and the entire Northeast belt are often treated in other parts of the country is even more brutal and inhuman when compared to the treatment meted out to fellow Indians in a foreign land, amply vindicating our appalling double standards. Whatever is happening in Mumbai right now is a perfect imagery of how people of the same country are increasingly becoming aliens in their own homeland. For that ma

Scores of ignorant poor, conniving doctors bereft of morality, toothless law...

Scores of ignorant poor, conniving doctors bereft of morality, toothless law, unprecedented demand for organs – and you have an ideal mix for a ‘small scale organ trade industry’!!! The irony could not have been bigger than this. For all the big talk around the country, the monstrous and thriving kidney transplant racket of Gurgaon was unearthed on Republic Day, amply vindicating the extent of the rot in our system. The current incidence at Gurgaon epitomises medical barbarism in its worst form. It is amazing how a team of doctors (reports are filtering in that the mastermind of this racket is not even a doctor by profession) seamlessly carried out such a ghastly crime for almost nine years, and that too only a few kilometres from the national capital, without anyone’s knowledge. It is all the more surprising that the entire administration got to know about the racket only after the team had managed to rob almost 500 to 600 abysmally poor people of their kidneys. Not just that, report

If you can, invest to become an entrepreneur instead of investing in stock markets!!!

It seems that Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group’s Reliance Power issue was launched to take away the complete sheen from the Indian stock markets. In fact, it is a strange coincidence that since the day of the issue, Indian investors have lost more than Rs 17 trillion in the stock markets!!! It has been, by far, the sharpest fall for the Sensex. After scaling a new high of 21,206 on January 10, it crashed to 15,322.54 at 11.55 am on January 22, before some recovery. But by then, the markets had already lost a fourth of their worth. Like on most such occasions, the fall was triggered primarily by the Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) who had gone in for a collective selling binge. In five days, the FIIs collectively pulled out a staggering Rs 10,500 crores from Indian stock markets, stripping most of the blue chip stocks. Though domestic investors tried their best to hold the markets at sustainable levels, they too failed in their efforts. Incidentally, the fall was not unique to India a