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Was great talking sometime back on 'Future of Work' to the final year MBA students of CUHK (Chinese University Hong Kong) and explaining why human beings are "not" born to work. They are born to holiday, chase their passions, have sex or simply laze around. The last thing they are born to do is to get up at 6 in the morning to rush to office at 9!! Like religion and marriage this 9-5 work is a man made system that's working as of now. But like the rest, it's bound to disappear in times to come! In future human beings will do what they feel like and society will still take care of their basic needs, education, health and shelter. They sure got the shock of their life The best question was, sir then we will have population explosion.. how to tackle that. I told them, Thanos will take care of it #ChaseYourPassion #FutureOfWork #socialsecurity 10K 10K 189 comments 86 shares Like Comment Share   Follow Arindam | Know more Facebook: