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Here are 11 things SRK must do to become box office Badshah again!! -By Arindam Chaudhuri >>Please note, this article is focused primarily on box office stardom and not other parameters<< I Watched Zero yesterday night and quite liked it. But if it touches 100cr at the box office, I would consider it to be a miracle... But I repeat, I liked it... It's not blockbuster masala.. it's not good cinema.. it's a lovely fantasy film with brilliant performances. .. I had a lovely time... Felt good... Laughed enough.. unlike most critics found the second half as good... In fact most of us felt that... In any case with every passing day I think SRK is perhaps one of the best actors we have ever had. He is just brilliant with his expanse... Anushka was another brilliance... And does Katrina need brilliance? Not really. Her presence itself increased the glam quotient a few notches of the otherwise bland looking film. But guess SRK right now doesn't need praise for his ac