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Time for a new look, around the world

OUR READERS HAVE ALWAYS LOVED TSI'S THOUGHT LEADERSHIP POSITION What a pleasure it is always to sit down to write the editorial of this creation of sheer passion Sunday Indian. As we begin a new journey with a whole new look to this magazine with a broader layout, better paper quality and totally changed masthead and design template, I must say that there is one thing that has not changed and that is the quality of journalism is magazine stood for not just truth but hard-hitting truth. It stood for not just reporting but incisive and intellectual analysis. In eect, it has actually hardly been a newsmagazine, it has actually been a news analysis tool. Our readers, that cut across students to teachers to politicians and even media leaders, have always loved the thought leadership position we took. Despite being philosophically to the le_ of the center, we took the lead in demolishing the myth of CPM’s bhadrolok image in Bengal, even at the cost of considerable vindictive targe