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How media promotes religious blind beliefs and harms humanity

  How media promotes religious blind beliefs and harms humanity: One of my biggest grudge against media has always been that they promote religion. The prime responsibility of media is to promote truth and rationale. And there isn't anything that's steeped inside more lies, fraud and falsehood than God and Religion. But unfortunately, they are always not just writing on it, but promoting all it's blind beliefs and fraud. And why wouldn't they. After all, peddling religion means money. So they would rather peddle Dhanteras, Lakshmi Puja, Karva Chauth, Santa Claus and all its related blind beliefs and make great moneys from the advertisers that write articles educating the public to stay away from such blind beliefs and medieval practices. Educating people to stay from such outright exploitative and demeaning festivals like Karva Chauth would mean a huge loss of business for jewellery stores, saree stor