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The Mamata Banerjee Leadership Theory of Aggressive Action with Commitment for Change

Is Mamata the best Indian Political leader ever? Also, the challenges ahead! Writing today’s editorial gives me immense pleasure! My professional area of interest, where I take all my workshops and seminars, is leadership. But with so much rotten occurring around with our leaders, when it came to writing, I have mainly been writing about the pathetic deeds of our leaders instead of what makes a good leader! After a long time, I have got this wonderful opportunity to write on leadership! All thanks to one lady who has finally emerged as a symbol of magnificent leadership in this country! Yes, it’s too soon to be talked about perhaps! But what the heck! I have never been too late to criticize; then why be afraid of praising great work, even if it might be too soon! So let me start with a brief background. Having personally interacted with a considerable number of senior leaders who were taking keen interest in Bengal, I know there was one key speculation that was happening around Mama

Why the 100% cut-off at SRCC is a national shame!

Finally, it has happened! After the ridiculous 95% and 96% cut-offs for the last few years, the cut-offs this year have finally touched 100% and exposing the joke of these cut-offs in totality. The ‘first list’ cut-off for science students at Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), University of Delhi, has been declared at 100 %, Hindu College is at 99% and Lady Shri Ram College is at 97%. What people were failing to understand all these days – the ridiculousness of it all – they have suddenly understood in one stroke; that education is no more a matter of choice for Indians, its just a matter of chance. First, let me get into the logic of the SRCC cut-off! Well, the principal of SRCC of course thought it was a natural progression, and he was playing to the market demand and supply. As the number of people getting 96% plus in commerce rose ridiculously, he realized that SRCC seats could possibly get filled by declaring a 96% cut-off for commerce students. For science students, traditiona

Dictatorship of the sycophants

The modern day Jalianwala Bagh at Ramlila Grounds shows the demonic attitude of the government, the weak spine of the opposition and the hypocrisy of the media towards Bharat! My question is, are we living in a democracy or in a shamelessly unapologetic dictatorial regime? Has the government finally lost it totally? Or do they believe that the people of the country are so foolish that they will quietly accept any amount of dictatorship and vote them to power again in 2014? Is there absolutely no learning from DMK’s huge loss in Tamil Nadu where it virtually controlled the media and yet people kicked them out? What happened on June 4th, 2011, is an absolute blot on the Indian democracy. There is absolutely no exaggeration when people compare the incidents of the day to Emergency or the Jalianwala Bagh Massacre. June 4th is the 2011 equivalent of both. Today, one doesn’t need to shove people inside a well and fire. Going in the midst of sleeping protesters – men, women and children – b

How the Communal Violence Bill can be a disaster for India, the Congress and the Gandhi family

The road to hell is almost always paved with noble intentions. In the Indian democracy, this has been proven true a countless number of times. I am afraid we shall be headed yet again towards hellish times if a new policy that is being currently debated manages to become law, thanks to the super secular denizens of India whose intensity and range of noble intentions usually matches the mayhem that the same noble intentions often trigger. I am talking about the well intentioned economists, sociologists, activists and assorted jholawala types who are convinced that it is their divine right to advice the UPA regime on all sorts of policy issues. Right at the top of this pyramid of do-gooders is the National Advisory Council (NAC) which is headed by Sonia Gandhi. Virtually all the members of NAC have impeccable records and reputations when it comes to their commitment towards the aam aadmi of India. Let me also be very clear in stating that a lot of credit for path breaking policy changes