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Happy Govardhan Puja!

Praying on this day will remove the problem of hunger, like praying on Diwali removes the problem of poverty After the unending comments on how I am an educated fool to question God's existence, today finally, I am sure you all will love this post. I have put this lovely picture which I suggest all of you must put as your Facebook / Whatsapp display picture the way you put Sai Baba and JMD images! This is so, because in every other street corner today I see there is Govardhan Puja being celebrated like almost never before and similar hillocks with cow dung - like in the picture above - are being made. I am even getting a lot of Happy Govardhan Puja whatsapp wishes! And after scrutiny, I realized this is an extremely important day specially in the newly ultra patriotic and religious India. Eat cow dung as medicine, worship cow dung but yes don't mess or mock at cow dung - specially if you are a poor and marginalized dalit - there are people watching!! So, Happy Govardhan Puja to

A world free of Poverty?

A world free of Poverty? Birthday Wishes for Bill Gates - one of the greatest humanists alive... a man who dares to dream of a world free of poverty! Today is Bill Gates' birthday! And this is how I believe he is changing the lives of millions which we must all know and share... A lot has been said about Steve Jobs. Indeed, he was a fighter and his success story has been most inspiring. His biography ‘The journey is the reward’, written years ago, inspired me personally to try and achieve more. And since Steve Jobs was the creative wild and hippie underdog during the same era as Gates, perhaps he overshadowed Gates largely during our times. Yet, I have always maintained that Bill Gates is the man who is the real visionary. Far beyond any businessman the world has seen in our times. For who is a greater business icon? The man who makes billions and keeps them as reserves or the man who makes billions and then uses that money to change the world into a better place to live in? Yes,

India’s Best HR Heads!

The human factor presents for the first time the definitive list of India's best human resource leaders and heads, whose contributions are now considered the most significant, noteworthy and innovative in the indian industry and specifically in the human resource space. Aadesh Goyal   wears many hats as Global CHRO, Board Director, and Community Service Director on the Board at Tata Communications Transformation Services Limited (TCTS). Prior to this he has worked with PeopleStrong HR Services, Aricent Technologies Holdings Ltd (earlier known as Hughes Software Systems & Flextronics Software Systems) and Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DOT) in various capacities. At C-DOT, he set-up project management and HR processes which were ahead of their time. A natural thought leader, he is a versatile individual. A tough task master, he mentors his team and creates learning and growth opportunities for them. He also has the ability to strike a good work-life balance. Aa

Celebrations Around Mother Teresa’s Canonization Show A Compete Suspension Of Critical Faculties

S uch propagation of blind faith, illiteracy and fundamentalism without questioning logic is what takes humanity down.   When I was really young, and though even then I never believed in God, we used to celebrate   Saraswati Puja   as a part of our local club’s annual ritual! My father had told me that we must not use the entire surplus from the   Puja   to buy cricket kits etc for our club. He insisted that we must also do some good work, like donating to Mother Teresa. And like an obedient son, to get over the guilt of buying a cricket bat, half of the said surplus was donated to Missionaries of Charity. I still have that letter of thanks from Nirmal Hriday (earlier called Mother Teresa’s Kalighat Home for the Dying Destitutes). As I look back, I find probably that’s the only purpose Mother ever served.   For all the Western capitalists and countries full of guilt of exploiting the rest of the world and doing precious nothing for them, she was a Western symbol of altruism   – prom