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The convenience of prayers and the irrationality of it!

  Pray for Chennai, Pray for Paris... The convenience of prayers and the irrationality of it! - Arindam Chaudhuri For days now on various Facebook profiles, WhatsApp groups I have been seeing good-intentioned display pictures. Pray for Paris. Pray for Chennai. If I would have written on it just the day after the Paris attacks or Chennai floods, many would have branded me inhuman. Plus as I said I believe these DPs are good-intentioned. But today let me share a few thoughts on this illogical concept of prayers the way I have written on gods and religion earlier. So that at least before praying for anyone or anything next time you at least know you are doing something very convenient and something totally irrational. Though the picture I have put above is self-explanatory, yet I urge you all to think a bit more.. I mean face it.. apart from sitting and doing nothing and making others feel that you are doing something and trying to give yourself a fraud sense of humanity, what else does a