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Why Are We Testing People for COVID-19?

Why are we testing people for COVID-19? Here's why it's a meaningless exercise. By Dr Arindam Chaudhuri Former Advisor to the Consultative Committee to the Planning Commission of India  in the areas of Social Sector & Education India is in a hilarious state. We get an update every evening, today we have 20k cases, and we did 30k tests and added 1350 new cases, and we are doubling every 10 days instead of 7 days till last week. What we don't tell people is, when we were doing 2k tests also we were getting 4.5% new cases. And now at 30k tests a day also we are finding 4.5% new cases. Then why are we lying that we are doubling every 10 days? It's in our hands to decide to announce how many days we are doubling in. If we do 60k tests, we will get 2700 new cases and that would amount to doubling every 5 days. If we do 6 lac tests then in one day we will add 27k new cases and double every 18 hours! Yes, that's the fact. Today New York Gov
As India becomes becomes the country with the highest day on day growth rate of new cases in the world; Here's a TEN POINT recommendation sheet that I have submitted to the Government of India based on the three key concepts of: Social Well-Being, Physical Well-Being and Economic Well-Being to tackle CoVID19 crisis, with: >>>>> An emergency rescue package for the economy of 15% of GDP, 450 Billion USD (against the government's current 0.75% OF GDP, 22.5 Billion USD plan) >>>>> Emergency setting up of six 300 bed medical facilities in every district of India(12.5 lac extra beds) and >>>>> A direct transfer of Rs. 7,500 to the accounts of every poor family of 5 living in cities and Rs. 5000 to every poor family of 5 living in villages. TEN THINGS PM MODI MUST DO TO SAVE THE INDIAN ECONOMY FROM COVID19 SUMMARY OF AN ACTION PLAN PRESENTED TO THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA As I write this today, on the evening of 8th of April, I have data in fro