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CEOs & Key Managers of leading corporations dead, Inflation hits 500%, Unemployment hits record high and Production hits record low. FOOD RIOTS BEGIN. >>Are we prepared for such an ECONOMIC PANDEMIC?<< By Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri This is exactly what me and my friend A Sandeep had written in 2005 ( -pg 2 of the article depicts exactly scenario) about the consequences of a possible pandemic then: *The economic pandemic could be worse* A scenario like this could well unfold across the world. Kumarmangalam Birla, Bill Gates.. Richard Branson.. to name just a few, cancel their long planned trips to the Asia Pacific region as all flights have been suspended and countries close down borders. Key managers at plants of GM, Nike, Nokia and GE die, with no one to replace them. At the moment, this could well appear to be stuff churned out from fantasies. Yet, if the....pandemic does break out, the global economy could end up wit
  Everyone's been messaging and asking how's the quarantine going! And I have been telling them I have always believed one day life would be almost like this!! For over two decades I have been teaching this. I taught this to students at HBS and just 9 months back I taught this to students of CUHK (Chinese University Hong Kong) NO I DON'T WISH WE LIVE QUARANTINED. BUT I DO WISH, GOVT'S WORLD OVER CAN TAKE CARE OF BASIC NEEDS (LIKE FOOD, HEALTH, SHELTER & EDUCATION) OF EVERY HUMAN BEING ON EARTH - AND I BELIEVE THAT'S HOW IT WILL SOON BE... SO THAT HUMAN BEINGS CAN JUST RELAX AND CHASE THEIR PASSIONS! (AND I BELIEVE THIS IS A GREAT PRACTICE SESSION FOR GOVERNMENTS ACROSS THE WORLD IN TAKING CARE OF THEIR POOR, AND EVERYONE IN GENERAL). Think about it, wouldn't life be wonderful that way? Happy to share my July 2019 post yet again for all my friends!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Was great talking some