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D ear Arvind Kejriwal, As my relatives, acquaintances and students die avoidable deaths; I am completely mad on the current regime at the centre. But for every death - in reality a MURDER - in Delhi, you have equal blood on your hands. You were sitting and spending 150cr advertising yourself just between Jan to March this year while the cases increased. You did nothing for the last one year when Delhi needed at least 20,000 extra ICU beds if not more. And each bed obviously means extra oxygen facility. You have no shame to say that PM CARES fund didn’t come. Didn’t you have calculations? You are from IIT. Didn’t you know that making a few oxygen plants cost nothing compared to your state budget and so called landmark health budget? And you are FOOLING EVEN TODAY by saying lies like tomorrow even if there are 30k cases per day Delhi is now going to be equipped. You are a congenital liar. In case your IIT brain can’t calculate properly, let me help you. For every reported case in Delhi,
No PM after being elected should ever again be allowed to abdicate his responsibilities and go missing during every crisis. To strengthen democracy in INDIA, the entire MEDIA should come together and demand a LAW which makes it mandatory forever for any PM of INDIA to interact with the media once every fortnight at least for 60 min, & take a minimum of 15 questions from different journalists - 5 each from leading print media, electronic media & online media - with top 20 media houses from each field getting minimum of one chance by rotation to ask questions every two months. This will permanently end the godi media fraud. We can never ever again let a leader of India be unanswerable to it’s people - who are represented by the media - or develop a cosy relationship with a few media houses and keep the people of the INDIA in dark. Arindam Chaudhuri Arindam Chaudhuri Those who say I unnecessarily criticise Modi should know as recently as Aug 2020 I had written praised New Educati
  Dear PM Modi, I had written this on 22nd March 2020 and sent you the suggestions to save India. Today India is one huge Morgue. We have queues at crematoriums and we have crematoriums with Housefull boards. Thank you. You have indeed proven ‘Modi hai toh mumkin hai’. I am sure you still believe ‘Par Ayega Toh Modi Hi’ Best of luck. NB here’s the link to the March 22nd suggestions And here’s the April 11th more detailed one >>>Had these things been done India wouldn’t have been in this crisis today<<< On 11th April 2020 along with many other suggestions, I had asked for emergency 1.2 MILLION BEDS (6 make shift hospitals of 300 beds each in every district of India). On 10th July I had said government must purchase all REMDESIVIR stock from CIPLA and make it FREE for citizens. On 11th July, I had proposed that whenever the VACCINE comes it must be