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  86% Indians fear losing their jobs due to the Pandemic as per a recent online survey. The fear has completely stopped economic activities and spending. We must remove the fear and start the economy. For that we need to guarantee everyone that jobs or no job, they will be economically secure through a minimum unemployment allowance (double of which should be the minimum wages). It requires a simple four step process: 1. Create an online database of job seekers based on their Adhaar Card number. 2. Make it totally illegal to employ anyone for any kind of job without registering his/her Aadhaar Card number. 3. The moment Adhaar Card number is fed in the list of employed, it gets automatically removed from the job seekers register and they stop getting unemployment allowance. 4. Everyone getting unemployment allowance will have to necessarily do 4 hours of social and community service as directed by the registry. Employers will also know who is seeking jobs where and their qualifications