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Too touching.. What’s the use of celebrating development, growth, wealth and increasing no. of billionaires if in 2019 we still get up to such news items which make us feel we are living during the pre-independence famines of 40s? Like many Bengalis, I watch Ray’s Pather Panchali (in fact the entire trilogy) often... it puts me in touch with the sensitive side of life which often gets relegated to the background thanks the humdrum of daily life. It revives my childhood memories of reading the original book and going through the pains and joys of Apu’s life. And makes me appreciate what I have. This pic made me feel as if I am seeing a scene from the book that was based in an Indian village a hundred years back. To see poverty and how people lived in poverty one should have had to visit Poverty museums by now as Poverty should have had no place in today’s world. I wonder how long do we really need to wait to remove problems of hunger, shelter and basic income from the world? And why at