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Dear Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, Hope this 'third letter' of mine to you finds you in the best of health. Sir, I conducted a survey yesterday and found out that the Pandemic has probably made a whopping: >>44% of Indians either unemployed or lose 50% or more of their monthly earnings >>A sample size of 3k is a massive survey* >>It's crystal clear that had the question been about getting more than 30% salary cut or had it included entrepreneurs who have had their businesses shut down then the results would have been far worse. This is the ground reality. Please help your country men by >>Announcing an unemployment allowance that takes care of basic living expenses for every Indian, till the economy is back on track (apart from the much welcome foodgrain for all program, that you have already announced). >>Announcing a special CoVID19 National Insurance Scheme for all Indians (apart from the globally appreciated health insurance scheme
India's GDP set to contract between 7.5% to 11%.. these are initial estimates. ICRA says 9.5%, S&P Global says 11%, BoA Securities say 7.5%. This is the massive Corona/Lockdown impact we are staring at. WE NEED UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME FOR EVERY ADULT NOW. It's not about every economy going through a crisis. It's about who is doing more to safeguard it's people during the crisis. A country is as good as it's most vulnerable citizen. If these suggestions aren't good, let's at least start with Rs. 5000 for a family of 5 plus the foodgrain and pulses that has been guaranteed. ______________________ For those who are interested, a sequence of my suggestions for the government and everyone in general from the time when everyone (including the Government of India) was sleeping and had no idea how bad it was going to hit: On March 4th I requested all friends to start wearing masks before moving out. Even doctors at that time didn't suggest the same. https://w