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The big news of the day isn't that Americans have shown that they are more intelligent than Trump thought by handing him a defeat in the Iowa primaries.. the big news is -as I hoped last night- that there could be a genuine political "revolution" taking place in America which could be great for the world!! The stats are mind-boggling. Hillary Clinton with all her political force is holding on to a mere 0.2% lead against Bernie Sanders -the self proclaimed socialist -as almost 99% of results get declared!! That's how close its gotten!! The latest update shows, "Sanders was doing extremely well among younger people. He was getting the support of 84 percent of those under 30 and 58 percent of those 30 to 45. Clinton was very strong among older people; she was getting the support of 58 percent of those 45 to 64 and 69 percent of those over 65. Sanders support came from liberal Democrats. Those who call themselves very liberal favored him over Clinton, 58 percent to 3
  It's time you knew about Bernie Sanders! The election primaries start in the United States of America today with voting in Iowa, and will continue till mid June. While on the side of Republicans, we have the worst maniac possible -Donald Trump- leading all polls; from the Democrats it's Hillary Clinton. My heart however is stuck with the hope for a better world in the form of "Bernie Sanders" from the Democrats. He is still a shade behind Clinton in polls, but giving her a real run for the money! A self proclaimed socialist and anti Wall Street crusader, America has never been closer to electing a genuinely great leader in perhaps a hundred years. Let's hope the American youth, who are rallying strongly behind Sanders, come out in huge numbers today and throughout the four and a half months and make the impossible happen - make a socialist their candidate for the next President. The world sure can wait a few more years to get the first woman President in America