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Waiting For Mr. Modi’s Man Ki Baat, Restlessly!

On 11th June 2016, I read an article on IndiaTimes that said,  and I quote: Blaming the decrease in Hindu population in India on impotency of men, Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Pravin Togadia has urged Hindu men to “go home and worship your manhood.” Addressing a gathering in Gujarat on Friday, he asked Hindu couples to have more children to counter the growing number of Muslims in India. Togadia also blamed “love jihad” and conversion to Christianity for slipping percentage of Hindu population… He also questioned the Narendra Modi government’s policies of development without offering protection to Hindus. The VHP leader said, “You are making bullet trains, smart cities, but who will travel in the trains if there is no Hindu?” On 20th July 2016, I read in The Huffington Post: On Tuesday, members from the Punjab unit of the Shiv Sena allegedly stopped trucks on their way to Jammu and Kashmir and forced the Muslim drivers to chant ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’… Of the many things ultranation