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DISCOVER THE DIAMOND IN YOUR CHILD! –for both parents and teachers! _By Arindam Chaudhuri_ This was an article I had written two years back when my son was giving his tenth boards.. and I wanted to share it again with all of you!! Of course nothing much has changed but for the dates (so I haven't edited the article). Right now he is giving his 12th boards and everything is still the same .. yesterday night only for an hour he was explaining me about the latest of episode of Sherlock that he watched the day before - before his maths exam / and why it was thrilling.. in fact this time he broke all records... The entire month before his exams he was writing a book.. on "Superheroes" and life lessons they give us and 4 days before his first board exam he was in Mumbai for the launch of his second book- Discover The Superhero in You!! You can buy the book at Anyways here's the article:: DISCOVER THE DIAMOND IN YOUR CHILD! –fo