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The Lord, The Father & The Pradhan Sevak >>>Leadership lessons from Krishna, Gandhi & Narendra Modi<<< By Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri Understand the super successful leadership styles of Krishna, Gandhi and Modi and Discover The Diamond in You! We introduced Krishna and Gandhi into Leadership lessons for India Inc. before everyone else. Now introducing Leadership Style of Narendra Modi for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders!! Very few countries can boast of having leadership traits and theories ingrained in their culture like the Indians can- and realisation is specially so when one reads the Gita. And while in the mythological book Gita, Lord Krishna himself was the first one to use his own style of leadership, in my opinion India has only seen two leaders of prominence - in the times we and our immediate forefathers have lived in- who have been genius implementers of Krishnas style of Leadership that I have elaborated in my “Theory I Leadership” that was presente
  >Express that love & gratitude today, send that apology today, spend that extra time today... for tomorrow may actually never come< I was sitting and watching TV on that fateful afternoon of 21st October, 1994 when that devastating call came. Crying from the other end, my mother told me that a call had come from a Gurgaon Hospital informing her that my 19-year-old younger brother, Aurobindo, had died in a road accident. First, it was hope against hope, that it may be someone else. Then it was that painful sense of emptiness. And finally the realisation of your place in the universe. Out of six of my closest friends, two had lost their brothers in similar road accidents. I went to their funerals, I cried with them. But I realised when Aurobindo died that I hadn’t felt a fraction of the pain that they had gone through. Death tells you that in this infinitely huge universe, you are nothing but an invisible speck and “life's worthless” if you didn’t express enough love and