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"Absence of God"

It was a pleasure to speak on the "Absence of God" in the presence of School Principals - from about 70 of Delhi's most progressive schools, at the Forum of Public Schools !! Gratitude to all the principals for allowing me to question the existence of God and elaborate upon the extreme harmful effects of religion on mankind. Hats off to to their open mindedness.. after all if Principals aren't the torch bearers of logic and evidence based learning over faith based unscientific blind belief then would? And if scientific reasoning and attitude of questioning all kinds of superstition doesn't start at school then where will it? As they say we are all born atheists but very few of us are lucky enough to remain so. Because when it comes to religion or god, from almost the day we are born our parents start feeding our brains with lies. Be it through various pujas and namakaran ceremonies or baptism or janeyu ceremony or circumcision etc. Blatant lies without evidence. B

After 25 years of American war mongering, Putin brings hope for a new era of peace by virtually destroying ISIS and ushering in Cold War - Phase 2!

  Finally every genuine news site of the world, for the past seven days has a headline I am pleased with. Russia starts war in Syria!! What the world desperately needed has started. Almost like the cold war era, Russia has taken America head on without caring... smashing the USA backed extremists in Syria, while additionally destroying ISIS; bombing them in a manner last seen maybe 70 years back. From state of the art bombers and missiles to absolutely brilliant sea to land missile attacks from a distance of 1500 km. In fact as I write, today they are actually expected to deploy 'Blazing Sun' - heavy flamethrower 24 barrel missile launchers capable of flattening eight city blocks, not just by its sheer heat but also by sucking up the oxygen in that area and creating a near vaccum. Finally after days of near silence and efforts to demean Russian efforts the western media has woken up and started writing the truth (though the Indian media is still sleeping). And the truth is IS