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12 Reasons why the NEW EDUCATION POLICY is splendid!! The Honorable President of India today gave nod to the change of name for HRD Ministry to Ministry of Education. Though cosmetic, somehow this is one name change that I love!! But beyond this, HERE'S HOW ALMOST EVERYTHING ABOUT NEP - THE NEW EDUCATION POLICY - 2020 IS WHAT IIPM STOOD FOR THE LAST 47 YEARS! At IIPM our motto and punch line below all our ads has always been: WHAT WE TEACH TODAY OTHERS ADOPT TOMORROW. We saw every B- School in the country blindly copying everything that we pioneered in this country. But today it gives me immense pleasure to say, not only did B-Schools of the country copy us blindly, but the entire New Education Policy will be about what IIPM TAUGHT YESTERDAY. A year back to coincide with IIPM's 46TH Anniversary, the Honorable Supreme Court of India's three judge bench headed by the then CJI, Ranjan Gogoi dismissed all cases of AICTE against IIPM bringing to conclusion at 12 year battle in
>>BY BEING SECULAR WE SOUND GOOD AND TOLERANT, BUT IN REALITY WE PROMOTE RELIGION - SOMETHING THAT SHOULD HAVE LONG BEEN DISCARDED BY HUMANKIND. THESE ABSOLUTELY UNSCIENTIFIC BOOKS THAT YOU SEE IN THE PHOTO COLLAGE, WERE WRITTEN HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS OF YEARS BACK BY PROBABLY SOME WELL MEANING GUYS, BUT ARE NOTHING ELSE BUT COMPILATIONS OF TOTALLY OUTDATED MORAL GUIDELINES AND TOTALLY FALSE STORIES OF ORIGINS OF HUMANKIND AND THE UNIVERSE<< I have had friends from all religions and like many Indians, celebrated all religious festivals with them with full enthusiasm, despite being a secular atheist ever since my childhood. And till 2014, I never realised that just being a secular atheist could often feel like being spineless. Because till 2014, I was not a part of a platform called WhatsApp. After becoming a part of this platform (I don’t really think I need to explain to my readers how from America to India WhatsApp groups divided families and friends across political and