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No child should need to risk their lives to get educated. In the name of EDUCATION, Can we stop TORTURING little kids, please? Here's some bitter truth about the education we give and why our kids NEED NOT RISK their lives for that. It's been beyond painful to see my 9-year-old nephew (he turned 9 on 21st June and I told him this article will be his birthday gift) sit in front of the laptop for hours during the Lockdown. Why this torture? So that schools can get the fees on time?  Schools and colleges do require funds to run, I realize. So, reduce costs and request parents to pay part fees this year or the government to step in and support. But why make little children go through this pathetic torture?? In any case, our education system and schooling have failed us miserably. Instead of doing fakery like they did with me for 13 years of my school life, it's really time to change our education system. And if you can't; Then at least during these extremely tough times aro
  His acknowledgment and smile, was "THE ONLY" purpose of my existence for 30 years - from August 12th 1989 to August 13th 2019 when he passed away. >>>>>On Father's Day, from a note on my father - who was for 30 years, my only purpose of existence<<<<< I had seen in films people coming back home and rushing in to talk to someone only to realise that that person is no more... Turning around to share something to nobody.. dreaming every night of conversing with their lost love. I never thought exactly that's what can happen. Every day for the last 10 months since he passed away,, I am talking to him about so many things in my dreams... And at home I turn around to share something with him only to realise he isn't there anymore. I can't believe that my entire support system is no more. To me he was surely my father who loved me infinitely -like most fathers, but far more than that he was my purpose of existence for the last 30 years
The Kennedys, The Bush dynasty, The Clintons, The Trumps and now the clamour for Michelle Obama! That's American Political Democracy oops nepotism! Worldwide about 40% of FORTUNE 500 Cos. are Family Run and in the S&P list, 33%+ are family managed! Let's not talk about the Ambanis, the Tatas, the Birlas in India.. Nepotism runs the capitalist world. And it works!!! >>>But there is one place where it surely doesn't work: that's the film industry - Hollywood & Bollywood. Only the ones accepted by the masses survive.<<< Else today Abhishek, Uday Chopra, Sohail Khan and Tushaar Kapoor would have been the biggest and busiest stars. But even KJo hardly takes them in his movies... Stop being jealous of families giving a chance to their family members (just because it's the line of glamour and at stake is stardom that everyone craves for.. and so easily gets depressed at being denied). Your family also gives chance to family members and friends. So
CHINESE ARROGANCE & BRUTALITY MUST BE TACKLED STRATEGICALLY & IN COORDINATION WITH OTHER SUPERPOWERS >>By: Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri for IIPM Think Tank<< Chinese calculated inhuman brutality must be given a fitting reply. And while it's outright stupid and irrational to ask Indians to throw away their Chinese products bought with their hard earned money, and equally brainless to stop eating Chinese food made in Indian restaurants; It's most important to look into a future without dependence on China & Chinese investments. No one should be allowed to kill Indian soldiers in such a pre-planned and brutal manner. While what we have today can't be thrown, as an economy and a government we can definitely decide to NOT ALLOW Chinese products & investments any access to Indian markets in future. This can be done through a planned policy of DECOUPLING with China in coordination with America and a few other European nations along with nationalizing of Chines
Sushant's news is most painful. So is every news of a suicide. And I have always told teachers in my institute, MENTAL HEALTH is all about having had inspirational teachers who gave you the right direction in life.. taught you about the right things to appreciate and emulate in life... Institutions, schools and teachers should be judged not only by how many CEOs they produced but also how less has been the suicide rate of their students over the years. As teachers we fail each time as a community, when, someone commits suicides. It is always the job of teachers and schools to make sure their students get less marks if need be, but become brilliant in Life Skills and ability to face adversities. We fail each time we fail our students. Pained, each time I read about a child committing suicide. Pained as much today to read about Sushant. Follow Arindam | Know more Facebook: YouTube: Instagram: www.Instag


Have patience and read this if you want to remain SAFE & RATIONAL as CoVID19 becomes unmanageable in India. By Dr. Arindam Chaudhuri >>The first type of Idiot: The Be positive brigade. Everything is under control. Look at India's per million cases and recovery rates. Our governments are doing such a lovely job.  If you want to remain safe. Then the last thing you need to be right now is be positive and believe any of these blatant lies. The situation is extremely dangerous. And there's totally nothing positive or under control. And to stay safe you must remain very cautious, careful and scared. This no time for stupid bravery.  Why do I say so?  > We should have never locked down our economy and ruined it. We hardly had cases. (Read my suggestions in all my social media handles on March 22nd - I had been saying it since the very beginning). > We should have kept the economy running and got the army out and focused on setting up dignified emergency health care fa