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"CEOs have no right to earn 1000 times more than workers" ....No one deserves to be paid hundreds of times more than another person. IIPM Think Tank took the debate yesterday to Colombo. #IIPM #DareToThinkBeyond A brief summary of The Global WE Crusade Vision Document by Arindam Chaudhuri based upon the principles of 'Production of Skills by Means of Skills' by Dr. Malay Chaudhuri 》》》A forceful case for an exploitation-free world with a maximum wage ratio of the Highest paid to Lowest paid worker at 3:1《《《 Introduction Be it Sweden, Norway, Canada, Belgium or even Germany capitalism is just a name that they still carry while their people pay incredibly high taxes and every citizen has equal rights to more or less free education and excellent health facilities; So much so that today a private enterprise is scared to enter these nations. After all, how do you compete against high quality excellent free facilities. The guaranteed unemployment benefits are such that you